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approved property types

  • ​Multi-Unit Apartments (5+ Units, Garden Complex, Hi-Rise, Strip, Studio-Units - OK!)
  • Office Condos + All Class A-C Space considered
  • Mixed-Used (Office/Apartments/Retail)
  • Automotive Repair Stations
  • Bar & Restaurant Properties
  • Gas Station & C-Store (Non-Flag-OK!)
  • Light Industrial + Storage/Work Warehouses
  • Single Tenant/Owner-User Space
  • 1-4 SFR [if Investor Held] - OK!

​​brokers welcome!

  • NCND/Invoice required for all Brokers & Loan Agents - We protect your fees!
  • Realistic analysis of your deal. No Upfront Cost to Your Client.
  • Fixed Fee Structure - agreed in advance and not dependent upon loan level.
  • Financing availability for most credit types.
  • We accept submissions from ONLY LICENSED  Brokers/Agents/LO's. (No Daisy Chains!)
  • Favorable terms and fair, open negotiations with your clients
  • Email: 1003, Credit Report, 3YRS P&L Statements/3 Mos Bank Statements, Property Photos

our company and mission:

what it takes:

base loan guidelines

  • All CRE Loans secured with Real Property
  • Commercial Mortgages + Loans start at $250,000-5MM+ USD
  • Business Loans secured with UCC-1 (equipment + fixtures) start at $25,000+USD
  • Small Business Loans (SBA/USDA/FHA) start at $100,000-5mm+USD
  • Financing Area: Major Metropolitan Areas - [25k Population Min] - Nationwide
  • Purchase & Refinance Loans - Cash Out/Equity Lines Available
  • 650 Min FICO - Required
  • Bank Statements (STATED) & Lite-Doc Types for Self-Employed - Owner-Operators w/ seasonal/cash-flow income types.
  • Hard Money 2nds Available (Major Metro Areas - only)
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You can count on the team at Excalibur to deliver favorable terms on your next loan request.

“Excalibur did everything they promised. They got the loan my client needed to buy their own space - when others failed - ON TIME.

Thanks Excalibur!"

robert b.

Brokerage Owner, Los Angeles

At Excalibur Commercial Advisors, our agents are dedicated to providing the best solutions with Integrity, Market Knowledge and Client Focus.

Our philosophies of patience, fairness, and 100% client satisfaction is paramount in every deal we engage.

Getting deals done is how we stay in business. You can rest assured knowing your loan is being facilitated by integrity-based agents who are focused on quality, speed, and complete, transparent service. 

We are 100% committed to Equal Housing, Lending, and Diversity within the commercial real estate and business loan industry. We welcome all qualified clients and partners within the spirit of good business and fair dealing.

Work with us and be impressed by our cordial nature and thorough approval process! Thank you for choosing Excalibur Commercial Advisors.